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Innovation. Transformation. Glass Packaging.

Glass is a material unlike any other, capable of creating stunning, memorable experiences, and it’s the most sustainable packaging material on earth. At O-I, we have a history of transforming how the world stores food and beverages – of making glass more accessible to more customers and consumers. We reimagine how glass is made and sold by innovating production techniques, pioneering recycling and sustainable technology, and unleashing the iconic, brand-building potential of this packaging that is the kindest material for the planet and its people.

Our Vision

Shaping the Future Through Glass

We create iconic, healthy glass packaging so synonymous with brands, you recognize those brands by their packaging alone, even without a label. We innovate packaging design to enable customers to meet their own ambitions, from connecting with consumers on an emotional level to creating a more sustainable future.

Our Story

Driven Through Innovation

Innovation and transformation are in our DNA. O-I Glass was founded more than a century ago by a man whose glass bottle making machine was called the most significant invention in glass in 2000 years. Founder Michael J. Owens’ motto was “It can be done.” And we’re doing it. We’re reimaging what glass can do, making it the world’s most versatile, charismatic and sustainable packaging material.

Our Mission

Our Sustainability Vision

Glass is the ideal packaging material to support a low-waste, circular economy. But sustainability isn’t just about what we make – it’s also about how we make it. Sustainability is woven into everything we do, from transforming our glass-making technology and processes to our customer approach to how we engage our employees and support our communities.

Power of
Glass Packaging

Glass is pure, sustainable, and the kindest packaging material for the health of people and the planet. Glass has an element of magic to it. It is beautiful and iconic. It can turn into shapes. It plays with the senses. Glass is 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable. It does not increase ocean pollution. Glass is virtually inert, which means it doesn’t interact with the foods and beverages it holds.

We love glass and we aspire to create a healthier, more sustainable, and more exciting world through glass packaging.

Guided by Our Values

At O-I, we deeply care about our people and our culture. Guided by our values and behaviors, we’re constantly seeking to transform how we support and engage employees and the communities in which we work and live.

Stay Connected

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@LangeWinery uses glass bottles from O-I, supplied through packaging distributor @PioneerNorthwest, not only because wine tastes best in glass, but also because locally-produced wine bottles are the most sustainable choice.
#chooseglass #wine #sustainablepackaging #circulareconomy
Those beer, spirits and wine bottles that are now sitting empty after your #Thanksgiving feast? Make sure you recycle them! Glass is never trash, and keeping it out of landfills is part of a circular economy. Glass is infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be recycled over and over again without a loss in quality. 

#chooseglass #sustainablepackaging #thankful #thanksgivingcheers
Our co-packing solution with FX Matt Brewing Co. helps your brand get to market fast in the Drinktainer™. Get in touch with us today - Find out more at the link in bio!
Increasing the amount of recycled content in our packaging is valuable, not only to us as manufacturers but also for our customers and consumers. Through #Glass4Good, we:

♻️Provide communities where our plants operate a new way to recycle glass containers
♻️Gather high-quality recycled glass than co-mingled programs
♻️Create social impact in plant communities through donations from the O-I Charities Foundation

It’s one of the many ways we’re thinking creatively about improving glass recycling.  #AmericaRecyclesDay #PhilanthropyDay #GlassRecycling #communities #Sustainability
Glass turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. It’s odorless, flavorless and is the ideal packaging to transform a brand’s story and connect with consumers. Simply put, glass is magic. 
#chooseglass #branding #packaginglove #innovative
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