Advocating for Glass

O-I is committed to re-balancing the dialogue on packaging material and to igniting the relevance of glass with more consumers and customers. Capitalizing on strengthening consumer trends, O-I is investing in a significant Glass Advocacy campaign, focused on the US market.

Creating Value for Brands

Glass creates value for brands by enabling them to authentically come to life in store and at consumption. Glass uniquely provides brands with answers to today’s consumer needs – whether health, sustainability, consumption experiences, or taste. As consumers form new habits because of the pandemic, there is a unique window of opportunity to communicate more visibly and make glass an integral part of their new lifestyle.

Our Partner

Working with VaynerMedia, a renowned global creative and media agency with a disruptive approach, O-I is building a tailorable and scalable Glass Advocacy campaign through several legs in order to not only raise awareness of glass’ messages but also to drive behavior change.
–          Making glass more relevant to more beer and adjacencies drinkers and drinking occasions
–          Increasing visibility for the health & sustainable benefits of glass
–          Demonstrating O-I’s value proposition to customers through success stories, design services and new products, such as the Catalyst Collection

The Approach

Leveraging the tools offered by social media for both consumer and customer target audiences, the process’ strengths are grounded on developing campaigns from the target audience up – it is about finding “right” based on consumer / customer reactions, which results in more powerful creatives. VaynerMedia’s model focuses on understanding attention, relevance and results rather than just optimizing for reach and efficiency.



To date the campaign has succeeded in reaching over 93M Americans on average 8.5 times.


To date the campaign has succeeded in generating nearly 10M engagements with our content.


To date the campaign has succeeded in generating purchase intent lift 6x higher than benchmark.



Making Glass Relevant for Beer & Adjacencies

One winning theme that was uncovered is linked to elevating occasions- big or small (holidays, watching a sports game, hosting a virtual get together). Glass appeals to all senses and makes the moment more special and more memorable.

The Glass Up the Holidays campaign ran from mid December to mid Jan, reached about 48M consumers on average 4 times and generated a 6-point lift in purchase intent (beverages packed in glass), which is 6x higher than platform benchmark

Linking Glass to Cultural Events

Connecting glass to sports events or other timely cultural events generates high engagement with our target consumer audiences – demonstrating the relevance of making occasions more special, thanks to glass.


Through posts on health and sustainability we identified members of “team glass,” a group of consumers who are highly engaged and becoming more and more vocal on why glass is the better choice.


At the end of March we launched our new Catalyst Collection – a range of stock bottles designed to help brands innovate, differentiate and drive value in the beer and adjacencies categories.