Blog Stories – enero 26, 2023 – Leslie Orozco

VIDEO: Enter the World of MAGMA

At O-I, we’re leveraging innovation and technology to drive expansion and meet our customers’ growing needs, bringing glass packaging where they need it and when they need it in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Here is where MAGMA (Modular Advanced Glass Manufacturing Asset) technology — our revolutionary, flexible, modular glass production system — comes in. MAGMA will set new standards in glass manufacturing, allowing us to use renewable sources of energy and more recycled content while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste. 

We’re investing in manufacturing with an all-new MAGMA facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky, which will be ready in mid-2024. This marks an important milestone for O-I, serving a new market with a state-of-the-art facility, the first new one in almost two decades. The facility will be enabled by advanced technologies and innovative processes, leading glass manufacturing into the future.   

Our new video enters you into the world of MAGMA.