The Plastic-Free Diet

One small change can make a significant impact on your health and wellness.

What if we told you that you could be ingesting up to 1 credit card’s worth of plastic per week?

A recent study shares that up to 5 grams of plastic can transfer into your body from various pathways, including common food and beverage products packaged in plastic.  These microplastics are generated when plastic packaging is opened or used normally. Over time, those tiny particles are slowly contaminating the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the beverages we drink – all while negatively impacting our environment. Plus, some types of plastics carry chemicals and additives with potential long-term effects on our physical health! How many stats do we need to hear before we start creating a positive change for our health and wellbeing? 

Made from all-natural Ingredients Made from synthetic polymers
Doesn’t interfere with food and beverages Can transfer chemicals to food and beverages
Odorless and flavorless Can leach residues, dyes and pigments
Pure and Impermeable May negatively affect fertility
FDA-approved “Generally Recognized as Safe” May increase mutations and cancers
Infinitely recyclable Increase in plastic pollution

It’s about time we ditch plastic and start choosing the healthier packaging option: glass. Are you ready to try The Plastic-Free Diet?

How to Get Started:

How long can you avoid purchasing and eating out of plastic containers? O-I Glass challenges you to last at least 7 full days on The Plastic-Free Diet to experience the benefits of glass packaging.

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What’s The Plastic-Free Diet All About?

Picture a diet where you can eat what you want, when you want. The Plastic-Free Diet isn’t just the average “fad diet.” It’s exactly what it sounds like: eliminating plastic from your diet while you enjoy the many health benefits of pure, natural glass packaging. Yes, you read that right – no calorie counting or carb-cutting needed.

One Rule:

No consumption of food and beverage products packaged in plastic containers ✓
That means: no plastic bottles or beverage containers, no plastic food containers, not even cans or beverage cartons with hidden plastic lining.

The Plastic-Free Diet is designed for you to rethink how you purchase food and beverages products so you can reduce your daily exposure to chemicals from plastics. We challenge you to begin eliminating more plastic from your diet to create a healthier lifestyle. And, the best way to cut back on those microplastics is to make pure and healthy glass packaging your first choice. Sounds easy enough, right?

Can you last 7 days on The Plastic-Free Diet? Tag us @OI_Glass and use the hashtag #PlasticFreeDiet to join the journey!

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