Inspiring and improving the communities where we operate through engagement with local governments, partners, entrepreneurs and citizens.

At O-I, we see tremendous opportunity to positively impact the planet and communities where we operate. GLASS4GOOD™ is focused on our shared communities, focused on stimulating social impact, energizing economic development, advancing manufacturing aptitude, and achieving a sustainable future.

Stimulating Social Impact

As engaged and active members of the neighborhoods where we live and work, GLASS4GOOD™ will promote the well-being of the whole community through direct support, volunteerism, and other areas of need.  

Energizing Economic Development

As a local employer and producer, we are committed to stimulating and growing a collaborative economy. Through GLASS4GOOD™ we will build strategies to support an economic system that delivers better outcomes for people and the planet. 

Advancing Manufacturing Aptitude

For more than 100 years, we have been the leader in transforming glass manufacturing and creating long-term resiliency through innovation. GLASS4GOOD™ will fuel the reimagination and reinvention of the industry through breakthrough innovations.  

Achieving a Sustainable Future

With the vision of being the most sustainable producer of the most sustainable rigid packaging, through GLASS4GOOD™, we will inspire innovation-driven programming and transformation to achieve balance among the people, planet and our collective prosperity. 

GLASS4GOOD™ Recycling 

In response for growing demand for recycled glass, O-I has created GLASS4GOOD™ Recycling.  a community-based recycling program that incentivizes glass recycling by enhancing local recycling infrastructure with the potential of generating local charitable donations in the communities where O-I employees live and work. This program is an opportunity to provide glass recycling where it might not be available, but it is also an avenue for O-I to give back to the communities in a way that will encourage glass recycling. GLASS4GOOD™ Recycling includes exploring public-private partnerships to overcome barriers to glass recycling and to get glass packaging back into the circular economy. 

Benefits of GLASS4GOOD™ Recycling

• Community recycling of glass contributes to the health and well-being of communities.
• Recycling glass conserves energy and natural resources.
• Recycling glass minimizes waste, as well as costs and emissions associated with landfilling
• Recycling glass supports the local economy with hauling, processing, and manufacturing jobs along with local tax revenue.
• And, now….recycling glass generates LOCAL social impact generated through GLASS4GOOD™ Recycling.


O-I’s vision is to be the most innovative, sustainable, chosen supplier of brand-building packaging solutions. Our journey to sustainability includes supporting sustainable communities. Glass4Good is a program that enables us to meet so many of our ambitions, from achieving our aspirational sustainability goals to supporting the local communities where we live and operate.


How O-I inspires and improves the communities where we operate through engagement with local government, partners, entrepreneurs, and citizens.

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