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O-I today is in a dramatically better position than in the past. We identified value platforms that will unlock shareholder value and build on the stability of the company, over the next three year horizon. Focus on these key areas will allow O-I to return to profitable growth, capitalize on opportunities, reduce structural costs, improve manufacturing performance, recognize the strong sustainability profile of glass and O-I, disrupt the industry with breakthrough technology and lower business and financial risk, while improving the overall performance of the company.

Why Invest in O-I?

“We are excited to build on the stability and capabilities we’ve established across the O-I organization over the past several years, delivering on our operational and financial commitments and building a future on favorable market trends for glass packaging. This foundation will enable us to continue to grow and expand the top line and improve structural costs, while delivering value to our shareholders.” —Andres Lopez, CEO

Leading the Industry

Key Market Trends

We leverage market trends to stay inspired by the latest consumer insights so we can help our customers lead the way in product innovation.


Our passionate people are driving process and product innovation to advance the packaging industry.


Due to its infinitely recyclable attributes, customers and consumers are embracing glass as the most sustainable packaging on Earth.

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