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Blog Stories, Sustainability News February 17, 2021
VIDEO: Colorado Brewery Launches Glass Recycling Program

A grassroots glass recycling program has sprung up at Crabtree Brewing in Greeley, Colorado, thanks to a little ingenuity, a […]

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Blog Stories January 26, 2021
Oregon Craft Brewery Loves Refillable Glass Beer Bottles

If you love beer, you probably think a lot about which beer to buy based on flavor profile. You might […]

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Blog Stories January 5, 2021
Surveys in Europe & U.S. Show Shoppers Choose Glass

Shoppers choose glass for its many benefits, according to two recent surveys in Europe and the United States.

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Blog Stories December 3, 2020
Has Lagunitas Rolled Out the Future of To-Go Beers?

If you’re a brewery lover who is staying close to home these days, you’re going to be fascinated by the […]

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Blog Stories, Sustainability News December 1, 2020
Making Glass Bottles is High-Tech. Recycling Them is Super Simple

When you see the leading edge technology that O-I uses to make sustainable glass packaging, it’s downright impressive, and even […]

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Blog Stories November 20, 2020
Beer Gifts to Delight Beer Lovers During the Holidays

Buying a beer gift for someone who is really into beer can be intimidating if you aren’t a beer lover […]

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Blog Stories November 2, 2020
Bottles Up! O-I Rolls Out Untappd Badge for Beer Lovers

O-I Glass is excited to announce its new badge on Untappd, the mobile app for beer lovers worldwide to connect […]

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Blog Stories, Sustainability News September 29, 2020
Plastic Packaging Top Offender During International Coastal Cleanup

Imagine swimming in the ocean, ducking your head beneath the water and seeing a vibrant world of marine life all […]

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Blog Stories September 17, 2020
Fall Beers Match Season’s Crisp, Fresh Experience

Fall is here. It’s time to dig your hoodies out of the closet and put away the flipflops. But keep […]

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Blog Stories August 18, 2020
Message Behind Retro Beer Bottle Commercial Stands the Test of Time

It’s fall 1976. The United States has just passed its bicentennial. Disco is sweeping the U.S. airwaves as the Bee […]

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