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Blog Stories May 11, 2022
Providing Our People Flexibility to Work Where They Work Best

Work is changing. How people want to work, where people want to work, and where we see them performing best […]

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Blog Stories May 9, 2022
Colorado Brewery’s Glass Recycling Program Grows into Larger Partnership with City of Greeley

When Jeff Crabtree started a glass recycling program at his brewery in Greeley, Colorado, he had no idea how popular […]

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Blog Stories May 2, 2022
‘100% Sicily’ Wine Bottle is Even More … Sicily

The bottle that we’ve dubbed the “100% Sicily” wine bottle is now even more … well, Sicilian! We’ve often shared […]

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Blog Stories April 19, 2022
7 EcoHacks to Treat Every Day Like Earth Day

Creating a sustainable lifestyle might feel like a monumental task, but it’s easier to manage when you think about making […]

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Blog Stories March 7, 2022
For Marta Mamelka-Potts, Glassmaking ‘Feels Like Home’

For Marta Mamelka-Potts, the very sounds and smells of glassmaking are familiar and comforting. Marta is a Continuous Improvement Leader […]

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Blog Stories January 21, 2022
Cocktails and Beer To-Go Offer Big Opportunity in 2022

“Cheers, New York!” Governor Kathy Hochul said on Wednesday, January 5, as she called for making drinks-to-go permanent in New […]

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Blog Stories January 3, 2022
New Year’s Resolution Solution: Make Mindful Food Packaging Choices

Is honing a healthy lifestyle among your 2022 New Year’s resolutions, but you’re caught at a crossroads on where to […]

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Blog Stories December 9, 2021
I Would Have Been a Better Brand Marketer If I’d Known This One Thing Sooner

Before I came to O-I to lead the global Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages Categories in 2019, I spent more than […]

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Blog Stories December 6, 2021
Beginning New Jobs While Navigating a Global Pandemic

Starting a new job is always challenging, but starting a new job while navigating the first global pandemic in a […]

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Blog Stories November 24, 2021
A Truly Glassy Holiday Gift Guide

You want the holidays to be perfect and the gifts you give to be exceptional and memorable. If you’re struggling […]

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