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Climate Change, Glass Recycling May 14, 2020
Study Finds More Europeans Choosing Glass Packaging for its Earth-Friendly Benefits

Motivated by glass’s earth-friendly benefits, Europeans are choosing glass packaging more than ever according to a study commissioned by Friends of Glass and the European Container Glass […]

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Climate Change, Glass Recycling November 12, 2019
Stone & Wood Brewing Co. and O-I Partner to ‘Tighten the Loop’ for Recycled Beer Bottles

Sustainability is part of the ethos at Stone & Wood Brewing Co., an O-I client based in Brisbane, Australia. The […]

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Climate Change September 23, 2019
O-I Earns High Marks for Commitment to Health of the Planet and its People

O-I consistently earns high marks for prioritizing the health of people and the planet, and the company’s commitment is recognized in the most […]

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Climate Change August 21, 2018
O-I Designs Lightest Beer Bottle in the UK for Adnams

When UK brewery Adnams wanted to create a beer bottle that would be better for the earth in 2015, they came to O-I Glass because they […]

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