Company News, Energy & Emissions, Sustainability News February 28, 2022
ENGIE and O-I Drive Green Electricity Transformation in Europe

O-I Glass, Inc. (“O-I”) (NYSE: OI) and ENGIE’s business entity “Global Energy Management & Sales” reached a long-term agreement for […]

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Raw Materials & Waste, Recycling, Sustainability News February 24, 2022
‘Recycle for Pennsylvania’ Makes Glass Recycling Easy

There are more than 400 liquor licenses in Erie County, Pennsylvania. But in 2016, commercial recycling programs stopped collecting glass; […]

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Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability News February 9, 2022
O-I’s Rio de Janeiro Plant Offers Brazilian Sign Language Training

In 2018, O-I’s Rio de Janeiro plant employees asked management a vital question: What was the best way to connect […]

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Company News, Sustainability News February 1, 2022
O-I Glass Recognized for Sustainable Advancements

PERRYSBURG, Ohio (January 31, 2022) – O-I Glass, Inc. (“O-I Glass” or “O-I”) has received two significant acknowledgments for its […]

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Company News, Sustainability News January 18, 2022
Sustainalytics Recognizes O-I as a Top-Rated ESG Performer

Our diligent work building a sustainable future is being recognized by a global ESG rating agency. Sustainalytics is recognizing O-I […]

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Raw Materials & Waste, Recycling, Sustainability News December 15, 2021
Julia Vitrum Plant Produces Improved Cullet for O-I Italy

Glass is an ideal packaging material to support a low-waste circular economy. The Julia Vitrum Cullet Treatment plant in Italy […]

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Recycling, Sustainability News October 25, 2021
New Colombian Cullet Hub Will Increase O-I’s Cullet Supplies

O-I is opening a new recycling hub for cullet suppliers in Barranquilla, Colombia. A cullet hub is a material collection […]

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Social, Sustainability News October 21, 2021
O-I Poland Named to ‘Golden Hundred’

O-I Poland was recently named one of the “Golden Hundred,” an annual list of 100 companies that contribute heavily to […]

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Recycling, Sustainability News September 22, 2021
Glass4Good Recycling Program Launches at O-I Danville

The idea behind Glass4GoodTM, a pilot glass recycling program rolling out at O-I Glass plants in the U.S., is that […]

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Company News, Sustainability News September 7, 2021
O-I Glass Issues 2021 Sustainability Report

O-I Glass, Inc. has published its 2021 Sustainability Report examining the vision, innovation and transformation behind its vision to be […]

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