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Company News October 21, 2020
O-I Glass and Krones AG sign Collaboration Agreement

Perrysburg, Ohio, Oct. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — O-I Glass, Inc. (NYSE: O-I) and Germany’s Krones AG signed a strategic […]

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Company News September 30, 2020
O-I Announces Third Quarter 2020 Earnings Conference Call and Webcast

PERRYSBURG, Ohio, Sept. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE O-I Glass, Inc. (NYSE: OI) has scheduled its third […]

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Blog Stories September 29, 2020
Plastic Packaging Top Offender During International Coastal Cleanup

Imagine swimming in the ocean, ducking your head beneath the water and seeing a vibrant world of marine life all […]

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Glass Recycling September 25, 2020
Colcafé, O-I Partner to Bring Sustainability Message to Life on Instagram

Colcafé is a leading coffee brand in Colombia. It’s been innovating with different in and out promotionals for years. As more and more consumers show they […]

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Company News September 22, 2020
O-I Lauds Glass as ‘Packaging Choice of the Future’ in High-Profile Report

If you’re worried about the future of the planet and concerned about the health of your loved ones, don’t compromise: choose glass […]

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Blog Stories September 17, 2020
Fall Beers Match Season’s Crisp, Fresh Experience

Fall is here. It’s time to dig your hoodies out of the closet and put away the flipflops. But keep […]

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Company News September 5, 2020
O-I CEO and CFO to Present at the Credit Suisse 32nd Annual Basic Materials Conference

PERRYSBURG, Ohio, Sept. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE: OI) today announced that the Company […]

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Climate Change, Sustainability Success Stories September 2, 2020
Local and Sustainable Glass Water Bottles Are Natural Fit for Estonian Mineral Water Company

During a time when shoppers say local, sustainable products are more important than ever, one Estonian beverage company is seamlessly bringing the two together […]

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Climate Change, Sustainability Success Stories August 28, 2020
Recaptured Heat from O-I Glass Plant Heats Homes in Reims, France

Homes in a historic Reims, France, neighborhood are now being heated in part by recaptured heat from the nearby O-I […]

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Blog Stories August 18, 2020
Message Behind Retro Beer Bottle Commercial Stands the Test of Time

It’s fall 1976. The United States has just passed its bicentennial. Disco is sweeping the U.S. airwaves as the Bee […]

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