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Have you ever wondered why drinks taste better in a glass bottle or if glass bottles are recyclable? At O-I Glass, we believe glass packaging is the most sustainable, healthiest food packaging material for the planet and its people. The stories here help you understand why glass is the clear choice.
A Career of ‘Firsts’ for Andrea Cáceres, O-I’s Women MAKE America Award Honoree
Leslie Orozco April 19, 2023
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VIDEO: Enter the World of MAGMA
Leslie Orozco January 26, 2023
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Low and No-Alcoholic Sales are Booming, But Does the Packaging Support Consumer Demand?
kelsey lambers January 25, 2023
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Healthy Packaging, Healthy Families: What Makes Glass the Healthy Choice?
kelsey lambers January 19, 2023
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Glass Packaging Healthiest, Most Sustainable for New Bio Amayu Juice Shots
Allen Mireles January 11, 2023
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7 Delicious Mocktail Recipes for Dry January
Anna Mitchell January 9, 2023
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Gift Guide: Gift Giving Made ‘Glassy’ for Customers and Employees
Allen Mireles December 12, 2022
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On This Giving Tuesday, the Value of Giving Has Never Been More Apparent
Allen Mireles November 29, 2022
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Why Does Beer Taste Better in Glass?
kelsey lambers November 7, 2022
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O-I GLASS4GOOD Partner Encourages Glass Recyling in New Video
Allen Mireles November 3, 2022
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