Diversity and Inclusion

Continue to build a diverse and inclusive environment where people feel welcomed to create a better future for themselves, each other, and O-I. We are focused on increasing all aspects of diversity and inclusion across our team.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our Vision

Recognizing that O-I is better when our workforce reflects the communities around us, one of our core values is diversity. Our expanded strategic initiatives include an elevated focus on ensuring we continue to create both a diverse and inclusive workplace environment. Our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy outlines our vision for the future and sets objectives to guide our progress, engaging employees in creating that future by driving momentum on a global and local level.

We define diversity as what we have: the collective mixture of differences and similarities includes individual and organizational characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, preferences, and behaviors. ​These are both visible and invisible. We see inclusion as what we do: intentionally continuing to build a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to the organization’s success.​

O-I’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) philosophy is already embedded in aspects of the company. Employees’ opinions and multiple perspectives are valued as part of our efforts to keep our workforce consistently engaged. “Make What Matters” is our employer value proposition, describing a welcoming atmosphere where all employees can feel good about the work they do for our company, our customers, and our planet. Our policies adhere to all legal and regulatory requirements and help to maintain a working environment where our people can feel safe, supported, and protected. As an equal opportunity employer, O-I prohibits discrimination, harassment, and workplace violence, and provides our people the opportunity to share any violations through a secure Ethics and Compliance Helpline.

Transforming Today

While we have built a foundation to incorporate diversity and inclusion throughout our operations, O-I has a culture of continuous improvement. As part of O-I’s transformational journey, one of our goals is to continue to build an environment where employees can bring their “whole selves” to work, to share new ideas and innovate, and in turn, enhance their overall experience and overall well-being and performance of the company.

CEO Action Pledge

The pledge emphasizes O-I’s commitment to diversity and inclusion as a business and moral imperative. For success, this needs to start at the executive level.​ Lopez’s pledge has reinforced the launch of our D&I Roadmap, creating a path towards diversity at all levels.

D&I Roadmap

We have created a D&I Roadmap to provide a path for continued momentum towards an even stronger culture. In 2020, we launched five elements of the Roadmap, each of which are discussed below. They align with our growth plans and our broader sustainability aspirations. We intend to continue, expand, and add to this Roadmap as our program matures.

Executive D&I Council

Our newly created Executive D&I Council is accountable for executing the enterprise D&I framework, setting key metrics and providing the appropriate support to reach our desired outcomes. The Council meets quarterly and is comprised of O-I’s Global Leadership Team and members of the People & Culture Leadership Team. It is working to define the company’s D&I Strategy by setting long- and short-term objectives for workforce diversity​. Our success measures, identified by the D&I Council, include employee segregated data (gender, race, age, category), hours of training on diversity and inclusion, and gender equality. It will establish and oversee programs, policies, and initiatives​.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

To promote a culture of D&I, we encourage our employees to create and govern ERGs. Sponsored and supported by a member of the Council, these “grassroots-style,” employee-created groups promote discussion and understanding around shared characteristics, life experiences, and common interests. ERGs provide a unique environment for thought leadership, professional development, networking, volunteerism, supporting recruiting and employee retention.

Visibility of Demographic Metrics

O-I is committed to increasing the visibility of key demographic data. Additionally, we will monitor our performance against appropriate objectives, marketplace benchmarks, and best practices.​

2021 Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index

“We recognize we have work to do in this space,” said Kate Murawa, VP, Global Talent, Learning and Culture. “Now we have a better understanding of where we need to focus our efforts with our programs and policies for our LGBTQ colleagues.”

Fast-Tracking Gender Diversity

We seek to attract and retain individuals of every gender. To pursue this commitment, we strive to increase female representation by sourcing high-caliber female talent and creating robust development and retention plans for current female employees. To advance this goal, we have implemented a process to ensure diverse slates of candidates considered for new and open roles. We are also creating a mentorship program to pair employees with leaders both within our company and externally to develop key talent. Targeted learning and development plans for key female leaders are also underway.

STEP Ahead Award Winners

The Manufacturing Institute, a workforce development and education organization, launched the STEP Women’s Initiative to support women in science, technology, and engineering and to help encourage and inspire careers in the industry. Each year the Institute hosts the STEP Ahead Awards to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of excellence in female leadership in manufacturing where companies select leaders for national recognition. In 2020 the Manufacturing Institute saw a record number of submissions. Out of about 1,000 nominees, we had nine individuals nominated and two candidates for consideration for the National Manufacturing Award.

D&I Specific Learning and Development​

One of the most foundational and important ways we are working to promote diversity and bolster a culture of D&I is by providing unconscious bias education. Through our internal education platform, “O-I University,” we are designing learning plans and training for all leaders. Our growth and education program is grounded in the 70-20-10 model, which focuses 70% of training on collaboration leadership discussions, 20% on learning from others in the organization, and 10% on formal educational courses and training.

Personalized D&I learning on O-I University available to:

  • All employees: Understanding Unconscious Bias
  • All employees: Fighting Gender Bias at Work
  • Male employees: Becoming a Male Ally at Work
  • Talent Acquisition and People & Culture: Diversity Recruiting

​​D&I In Talent Acquisition

At O-I we know our best resource is our people. Recruiting and retaining top talent is critical to our performance, growth, and future sustainability as an enterprise. We are striving for best practices across the D&I continuum in our recruiting and have established some foundational goals and practices. For early-career roles, we will aim to recruit a minimum of 40% females per country/country group. For all recruitment activity our goal is to:

  • Include a minimum of two female candidates on the interview slate for each role where gender balance is not currently being met. This applies to both external and internal appointments.
  • Include at least one female interviewer for all interviews.
  • Proactively develop diverse talent pools.

Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity

At O-I we have policies in all regions that provide for equal opportunity employment. Throughout our operations, the vast majority of employees are local to the country in which they work. Our goal is to not only adhere to all legal and regulatory requirements, but to ensure employees feel safe and confident that they will be supported and protected from discrimination, harassment or workplace violence. As an equal opportunity employer, O-I prohibits discrimination and harassment against any employee, applicant, contractor, intern, or volunteer on the basis of such protected categories as race, color, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, mental or physical disability, genetic information, ancestry, age, religion, veteran or military status, or any other classification protected by law. O-I is committed to equal opportunity in all aspects of the employment relationship including, but not limited to, recruiting, hiring, training, promotion, compensation, transfer, layoff, recall, and all other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment.

Employees are encouraged to speak up if they see behavior that does not adhere to O-I’s values. Our whistleblower and remediation procedures incorporate an Ethics and Compliance Helpline that offers a secure method for employees to ask questions and file violation reports online or over the phone.

Forming for Our Future

Moving into 2021 and beyond, O-I is continuing the initiatives we launched in 2020. We have begun developing local goals specific to country groups and functional teams that will be rolled up into enterprise targets.

Through 2021 and 2022 we plan to improve organizational performance core objectives that incorporate D&I further into O-I’s culture. We have begun implementing our enterprise D&I strategy across all parts of our employee experience. We will continue to foster a culture of employee wellbeing and an environment where development opportunities exist for everyone. We are focused on increasing all aspects of D&I across our management team, which includes taking steps to increase the representation of women in senior leadership roles compared to the base of 28% women in 2017.

As we take intentional steps to formalize the company’s D&I strategy, we will increase focus on diversity among our successors and talent selections. Aligned with our D&I Strategy, we are enhancing each of our people processes to include guidance, examples, and practical applications to improve our D&I . For example, within talent acquisition, targeted external hiring will take place where internal succession plans are not sufficient to meet our D&I goals. Candidate slate and interviewer goals of at least two diverse participants will be in place. Additional education about bias in performance management will continue to be developed and perfected. This will include practical examples and “watch-outs” for leaders.

Employee Experience

Our Vision

To be the leading producer of glass packaging worldwide we need passion, commitment, and innovation interwoven in our business by our people. Our vision for creating an excellent employee experience is built upon our values, behaviors, and our people system. With our “People Leading Performance” at the center of our strategy, we will drive innovations that will continue to enhance the sustainability of glass packaging and the industry.

O-I Values and Behaviors

For our company, values and behaviors are the foundation for bringing our strategic vision and goals to life.

Our seven core values drive our behaviors: Safety. Diversity. Accountability. Integrity. Teamwork. Passion. Excellence.

We are “One Team,” developed and engaged at every level, built on collaborative relationships, authentic communication, and accountability. We operate as “One Enterprise,” prioritizing boundaryless leadership and sound decision making. We operate with “One Plan,” delivering customer-centric results.

O-I’s People System

People Leading Performance is at the heart of our strategy. Over the past several years, we have created and implemented an interconnected People System that focuses on three key pillars to create our performance-based organization: 1) Organizational Effectiveness, 2) Culture, and 3) Talent. Organizational Effectiveness is focused on continuously improving both the efficiency (cost) and effectiveness (simplicity, speed, outcome focus, incentive, etc.) of our organizational design and ways of working to drive performance. Our Culture pillar focuses on continuously improving the formal and informal ways we enable performance through engaging our people. The Talent pillar means ensuring we have the right people, with the right capabilities, in the right roles, at the right time. The result of these efforts, combined with our values and behaviors, will advance our ambition to be a simple, agile, and performance-based organization energized by diverse, engaged employees.

Transforming Today

Prioritizing People & Culture

We have long anchored the company’s strategy around people. It’s our people who “Make What Matters.” That is why we changed the name of our people-focused function from “Human Resources” to “People & Culture.” Developing our people and building a culture is a strategic decision with a systematic set of tools and processes, not a label for an administrative-like management system.

“The right title sets the tone for what current and future employees expect of you,” said Pablo Vercelli, VP, and Co-Leader, People & Culture. O-I will continue to build teams focused on providing innovative, quality products and focus on creating a culture of learning, development, diversity, and inclusion.

“The key levers of our agenda remain the same. We are still firmly focused on enabling the ongoing performance through our three pillars of Organizational Effectiveness, Culture, and Talent, ” said James Dalton, VP, and Co-Leader, People & Culture. “We are looking forward to deploying systems and tools that enable each individual, in every department, to forward the company’s vision and goal in a meaningful way.”

Despite the challenges in 2020, we continued to develop and deploy tools to help reach our goals. Some examples include:

  • Increasing learning and development opportunities in our Leadership and Functional. development programs, powered through our online learning platform: O-I University.
  • Building on the results of our My Voice Matters annual employee engagement survey.
  • Expanding our My Workplace Matters plant initiative to all country groups.
  • Deploying a new enterprise operating model to enhance organizational effectiveness.
  • Designing a Connected Work program, which we are organizing based on our experience and employee feedback from our changed working patterns in 2020.

Virtual Career Day

In Italy we took part in the first Virtual Career Day in collaboration with the well-respected University Politecnico of Milan. In the past, the job fair routinely took place as an in-person event at the university’s premises, but became virtual in the midst of the pandemic. Starting in June 2020, we held virtual events focused on engineering through Microsoft Teams as a stand-in for face-to-face discussions. Participating companies set up their own chat rooms to present themselves to the students, who additionally were able to book confidential one-on-one interviews with company representatives. Our response to the innovative event helped demonstrate industry leadership, attracting new talent by presenting the company’s values and expertise to the next generation of engineers.

Representatives from O-I introduced the company and its operations to more than 200 total participants while explaining the glass manufacturing process and talking about the many career possibilities for engineers in our plants. Students showed a strong interest in our O-I Graduate Program, which has now been in place in our European plants for the last two years. We answered questions from the graduates regarding career opportunities, highlighting our people-centric approach. The global nature of our operations proved to be a strong selling point for the company, particularly given a number of the graduates had an international background.

Many students took the opportunity to book a confidential personal interview with O-I where they were able to register their interest to join the company. Participants that wished to have more in-depth conversation were able to arrange follow-up appointments with People & Culture.

This series was an excellent opportunity to present O-I as an attractive employer. Students asked many questions about sustainability topics, which provided a great opportunity to expand on the sustainability benefits of glass, our ongoing sustainability initiatives, and O-I’s ambition to further reduce our carbon footprint. On top of connecting with students and other prospects, the series provided external visibility and reinforced our reputation with academia, businesses, and the local community.

Onboarding Process

We know how important first impressions are to new hires. O-I is intentional in ensuring all new employees have an engaging and enjoyable experience as they join O-I through our onboarding process. This helps our new employees be as efficient, effective, and energized as they can be from the moment they accept an offer.

Before they start, employees are added to our onboarding system, which triggers auto-alerts to key departments for support. We share a personalized company welcome, our company mission and values, and ”Make What Matters” materials. From the start, employees can be proud of their work and proud to be part of O-I. To further ease day one, the manager may prepare an online planner and agenda.

In the earliest days of employment we will review, together, the onboarding plan in the new hire portal and discuss our culture, mission, policies, and benefits. We also help the employee get the lay of the land (e.g. facility tour, voicemail, introduction to peers). Finally, we may announce the new employee’s arrival in email and on our internal social networks.

It is also typical that throughout week one, the employee meets periodically with their team and leaders to review a first-week agenda progress and questions. They will set job scope and performance expectations, discuss company resources, and train on networks. This includes ensuring access to tools, inclusion on email distribution lists, etc. Together they will review a ramp-up plan, initial projects, and using the onboarding system for tracking.

Within an employee’s first months, we make sure to allow for customer, plant, and product experiences, as appropriate to the employee’s role. Employees are given the opportunity to learn more about internal special interest or social groups. We introduce them to key business partners and leaders, make time for one-on-one sessions and peer feedback, and allow for job shadowing or Q&As with peers. It is important to assess the employee’s progress, performance, and initial experience so we monitor metrics in the onboarding program and survey the new hire.

Prior to and during the pandemic O-I has worked to virtualize many of these elements to welcome new employees entering an online workplace.

Developing Talent

Our success and performance are directly related to the collective success and performance of every employee. We are all successful only when we consistently deliver on the expected value to all stakeholders. To ensure our performance-based organization is energized by engaged employees, we make strategic investments into developing employees and the talent pipeline.

Strategic Talent Management

The Strategic Talent Management system is integrated across the entire employee experience from talent attraction and recruitment, to learning and development, engagement, and career planning. One aspect of the system is the annual succession planning and talent review process, including each of the data inputs for a strategic, outcomes-based review.

To drive stability and growth within the organization and manage talent in a proactive, strategic, and measurable way, we have created a consistent, annual process where our leadership teams review and validate our talent needs against the pipeline of talent within the organization. This provides us with a realistic view of talent and potential within the organization, validated succession plans, and action plans that enable leaders to develop, coach, or manage the performance of our employees.

Succession planning and talent reviews are conducted for all leadership teams including at plant-level and above. In a number of our factories, we have implemented strategic workforce planning to help anticipate customer needs aligned with talent plans to proactively avoid disruptions in production. The process also includes regular talent check-ins where each leader shares progress updates on development plans, succession updates, and actions to improve diversity.

We have made great improvements in strategic succession planning. Over the past three years, 100% of the appointments to the Global Leadership Team (GLT) have been in line with a stated internal succession plan. We have more in-depth and open conversations to ensure cross-functional and cross-regional sharing of talent to meet business needs. Our succession plans are more realistic. As part of the data inputs, leaders are asked to have career conversations with their team members to validate mobility, overall aspirations, and future interests in order to represent the full picture. We have limited duplication in succession plans, giving us a more accurate representation of the available pipeline. Our process now includes monthly check-ins with the GLT to provide a progress update on action plans, development status, changes in succession plans, actions toward diversity, and an overall talent health check for their area of the business.

We have also developed the necessary tools and coaching for leaders and their People & Culture partners to facilitate the succession planning and talent review process. Our potential model measures the current progress and growth of an employee based on their engagement, the extent to which the employee demonstrates commitment to the organization’s goals, seeks out new challenges, and is willing to do more than required, and desires to invest themselves with the organization for the long term. Talent profiles are reference materials built from the talent review and succession plan data that, over time, provide an entire profile on each employee including employment history (within and outside of O-I), performance and potential ratings, the employee’s stated career aspirations, developmental needs, and mobility. These profiles are available to all leadership teams and can be referenced to identify cross-functional talent leaders they may not otherwise be familiar with to include in potential succession plans.

O-I University

Listening to our employees’ feedback we discovered a hunger for more ways to learn and grow. In 2020, the Global Talent Team was excited to announce O-I University, our online learning platform that connects employees to thousands of courses ranging from leadership development, functional academies and personal development. Courses and curricula are designed from O-I content and our partnership with LinkedIn Learning. O-I University serves as the online training resource that empowers our employees to get the training and skills they crave. Our learning content is modern and built for today’s world.

The online platform offers customizable development for our employees. They can access the learning they want, when they want, individually or with their team. At a time when much of our workforce was dispersed or virtual, this platform’s flexibility is ideal. We provide content mapping to guide the user experience and focus on materials most relevant to their position and career aspirations.

O-I University will focus on guiding employee development in the following three key areas.

  1. Leadership Excellence includes Leadership @O-I, Be Brilliant (a leadership fundamentals program), and Leading for Strategic Impact.
  2. Functional Excellence supports Procurement​, Sales & Marketing​, Operations​, and People & Culture functions.
  3. Personal Excellence offers Coaching for Success, Empowering Team Performance, and Building Employee Engagement.

Education Assistance Program

O-I offers financial assistance to employees who wish to improve their job effectiveness and personal competence through voluntary participation in outside educational courses, training, or licensing. The purpose of our Education Assistance Program is to enable employees to improve their skills and abilities within their current job or to prepare for another reasonably attainable position within the company. Program shape and format vary by region and local needs.

O-I Hungary Partners with Government to Certify Glass Education

In September 2020, the first-ever group of students for the Glass Manufacturing adult education in Hungary started their program. It consists of approximately 30% classroom training with the whole group, and 70% hands-on classes, in smaller groups. In an interactive classroom set-up, students learn about the full glass manufacturing process, starting with raw materials and ending with palletization, with a specific focus on forming and quality control. Practical education takes place both on demonstration machines installed at the plant, and on the running production lines during a full shift. The complete program totals 240 hours of training and is held at our plant in Orosháza, Hungary. It concludes with a state-approved exam, which, upon success, qualifies the student as a certified glass maker.

In Hungary, like in many other countries, there are no schools to receive education about the glass industry. Therefore, for over a year, the O-I team in Hungary worked closely with the government’s “vocational education center,” the governmental branch specialized in adult education, to change this. Together, they set up a certification program that is registered in the government list of professional education programs, recognizing the importance of glass-making education.

Managing Performance: Performance Connection

To empower each employee to own and manage their contributions to the enterprise, we leverage Performance Connection, our performance management system. This collaborative process is anchored in our values and behaviors and is designed so that all employees, together with their leaders, can fully contribute and recognize the link between their objectives and our company’s mission.

The Performance Connection system is broken into four steps: Plan, Engage, Evaluate, and Reward. Plan occurs in the first part of the calendar year (Jan. to Feb.) where employees collaborate with their leader(s) to identify organizational, behavior, engagement, and development objectives. Engage occurs throughout the performance cycle year and includes tracking objective and development progress through formal and informal check-in discussions, and updating or realigning objectives as needed. In the last part of the calendar year (Nov. to Dec.) employees and leaders Evaluate achievement of results through behaviors and development actions. Rewards and recognition are awarded at the beginning of the following year including incentives tied directly to performance, behavior, and development results, or non-monetary rewards.

Engaging Employees: My Voice Matters

As an ongoing commitment to the continuous improvement of our culture, in 2020 we engaged in our second annual “My Voice Matters” survey. Developed by an industry leader in employee engagement, this survey is an effective tool to help identify our areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. With a global participation rate of 80% (about 20,000 employees), a 1% increase from 2019, our annual survey has provided a broad-based view of key drivers for our employee engagement.

Our results and areas of opportunity align with our learning and development strategy that will provide employees with greater opportunities for learning. We can also improve by talking with employees about their progress, providing them with ongoing recognition, and showing that we care about them.

Among America’s Best Large Employers 2021

We recently ranked 52 out of 500 in Forbes’ list of America’s Best Large Employers 2021. To generate this list, 50,000 Americans working for businesses with at least 1,000 employees were surveyed. These surveys allowed respondents to anonymously share their opinions on elements such as how likely they’d be to recommend their employer to others. They were asked to nominate organizations other than their employer and identify organizations they would not recommend to others. The most frequently recommended were ranked accordingly in the final list of 500.

Total Rewards

Competitive Pay

O-I strives to maintain a compensation structure that is internally equitable and externally competitive to attract and retain qualified talent. We strive to compensate our employees in accordance with all applicable regulations. We equip employees with the tools they need to bring their whole selves to work, focus on innovation, and lead change. For the vast majority of positions at O-I, we exceed wage requirements for the job and the region. O-I’s salary structure is determined by job type and a salary range based on individual experience, qualifications, and job performance.

We understand that recognizing and rewarding performance stimulates that performance, energizes our people’s commitment to O-I’s goals, and helps us retain top talent. Special recognition awards can be provided to employees for exceptional cost savings or revenue-producing projects or projects leading to highly efficient processes. These projects are submitted by the employee’s manager and considered instances where an employee has gone well above and beyond their normal duties and responsibilities. Special recognition awards are intended for employees below manager-level who are not part of the Short-term Incentive (STI) Plan. Manager-level employees and above are offered STIs, or performance-based bonuses, depending on local market prevalence. The Director-level and above are offered long-term incentive awards including performance share units and restricted stock units according to market prevalence. Additionally, all salaried employees who received at least a “Successful” performance rating, are eligible for annual merit increases of their salaries based on performance reviews.


We also offer competitive benefits that serve to attract and retain talent. O-I offers our employees comprehensive benefits tailored to their country of residence. Benefits vary from country to country, aligned with the manufacturing market, but generally include health care assistance, including medical, vision, dental, life, and disability insurance. We offer additional benefits when possible. Benefits like our retirement savings plans and adoption assistance aid our people in planning for the future. Paid time off including sick days, short-term disability, company holidays, and some flexible work schedules allow our employees the balance they need. We help our employees manage life challenges by offering voluntary benefits programs and support, such as smoking cessation and healthy lifestyle promotion, educational reimbursement, employee assistance programs (counseling and crisis hotline). O-I values diversity and inclusion so benefits coverage extends to same-gender spouses.

As a material example of O-I’s benefits, we provide employees in the United States with a 401(k) plan, retirement planning tools and personal financial planning education that offers employees an excellent opportunity to save for retirement. To date, over 76% of 401(k) plan participants are on track to replace at least 70% of their pre-retirement income when they retire, exceeding industry benchmarks for employee retirement readiness.

Employee Wellness

O-I’s Perform Well-Being Program is continuously evolving so that we can meet employees where they are in their wellness journey. We aim to meet employees’ healthcare needs and those of their families. O-I provides employees and their dependents benefits, resources, and tools so that they have the opportunity to bring their best selves to work, stay well at home, and progress to a healthy and happy retirement.

O-I is a global organization with wellness programs that differ by region or country. As the United States hosts our corporate headquarters, its wellness program serves as a material example of our practices. In the United States, O-I focuses benefits on preventive care for employees and their dependents, and incentivizes those who utilize it. Over the last couple of years, our employee population has exceeded industry benchmarks for receiving preventive care services.

Year to year, O-I maintains awareness of industry healthcare benefit trends and our benefit partners report on what services our employees are seeking. We vet benefit programs so that we are sure to offer our employees benefits and programs that will be most useful and engaging to our employees. We have added a concierge-level customer service team to our employee medical benefits to give our employees a simpler experience when navigating their health care.

The Perform Well-Being Program provides comprehensive well-being services to deliver our employees with integrated online accessibility, multifaceted offerings, and rewards to incentivize engagement.

Physical, personal and financial well-being programs are available through Perform so a person can work on well-being goals that are important to them, track their progress, and engage others. The rewards program has also evolved to a more holistic approach. This has increased engagement in the well-being program.

The Perform online portal includes a Benefit Hub for a simple, one-stop for employees to access all of their benefits and benefit partners’ websites, resources, and tools. Since 2018, the Benefit Hub has made accessing benefits and well-being programs simpler, faster, and more effective. Adding the Benefit Hub increased online engagement and engagement continues to grow as employees realize the ease of accessing the Perform portal via their mobile devices.

Moving forward we would like to increase hourly engagement in the Perform Well-Being Program, increase benefit knowledge and retirement readiness in our hourly population, and increase employee and spouse engagement in the Employee Assistance Program.

Leave Policies

It is the policy of O-I to comply with all local laws and regulations surrounding employee leave. For example, in the United States, our Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) policy provides a summary of employee benefits and rights under the federal act. To be eligible, employees must have completed at least 12 months of service and worked at least 1,250 hours. Individuals on leave for active military service may be entitled to credit for time worked under certain circumstances. In some cases, personal circumstances require an absence from work over paid vacation time. When justified, O-I may grant an unpaid leave of absence to employees for reasons that are not related to the FMLA, military leave, or disability. Personal leave may be approved at the discretion of an employee’s manager/supervisor as well as People & Culture. Personal leaves are limited to a maximum of 60 calendar days.

Forming for Our Future

In addition to the improvement areas identified by the My Voice Matters survey, the O-I Leadership Team has identified, with external validation, performance goals focusing on all three pillars of our People System: 1) Organizational Effectiveness, 2) Culture, and 3) Talent. Within each pillar, we have identified core objectives for 2021 and 2022.

To bolster Organization Effectiveness we will:

  • Continue to drive the next wave of opportunities through the enterprise operating model work streams and country group labor plans.
  • We will improve the speed and agility of moving from decision-making to action-taking at all levels.
  • Implement and continuously improve the performance-based ways of working through a blend of virtual and office-based work.
  • Continue to upgrade and modernize the employee experience through streamlining and automating all “hire to retire” processes.

To enhance Culture we will:

  • Drive the capabilities of all leaders to energize, empower and inspire their teams to high performance.
  • Continue our journey with executing and implementing actions from our “My Voice Matters” survey in partnership with Gallup.
  • Implement our enterprise Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

To support our Talent we will:

  • Develop our internal talent through capability building focused on technical skills and people leadership.
  • Selectively and strategically attract external talent to join us and continue to enhance our talent pool.
  • Solidify succession plans for all leaders.
  • Promote leadership development and awareness with intentional cross-functional movement on career paths ensuring high-potential, high-performing talent will have the necessary business experience as they move into more senior roles.
  • Implement lineage charts to identify and plan for the next moves and illustrate where any overlap or gaps will be.