Engineering R&D, Raw Materials & Waste, Sustainability News – August 21, 2018 – Katie Johnson

O-I Designs Lightest Beer Bottle in the UK for Adnams

When UK brewery Adnams wanted to create a beer bottle that would be better for the earth in 2015, they came to O-I Glass because they knew O-I shared its environmental values. 

Adnams is a brand built on earth-friendly practices and led the UK beer industry in adopting lighter glass packaging, but they wanted to do more.  

“Constant environmental improvement is part of the DNA at Adnams. We wanted to see how far we could push our bottle,” explains Benedict Orchard, environmental sustainability manager at Adnams. “We had done it before and knew O-I. They are very forward thinking and share our ethos.”  

A key part of the project was producing a lighter bottle while retaining the brand’s distinctive bottle shape and height so there was no impact on filling the bottles or branding. 

O-I ultimately designed and produced an embossed bottle weighing 280g, shaving 19g off Adnams already market-leading lighter bottles. The lighter beer bottles created an additional 100 tons of annual carbon savings for the brewery and removed 114 tons of glass from the waste stream.