Company News – July 20, 2020 – Jess Baker

O-I Glass Supports Breweries Involved in the Black is Beautiful Beer Campaign

O-I Glass, Inc. is supporting craft breweries and their collective effort around the Black is Beautiful beer campaign by making beer bottles available to breweries who need them.

The Black is Beautiful beer initiative was founded by Weathered Souls Brewing in San Antonio, Texas. Weathered Souls created the Black is Beautiful beer and will donate all the proceeds to the Know Your Rights Campaign. The brewery put out a call for other breweries to join them in brewing and selling the Black is Beautiful beer. More than 1,000 have signed on.

Weather Souls is sharing its recipe and label art with participating breweries. O-I wants to help equip breweries with other supplies they need, so they’re donating glass beer bottles to breweries who need packaging.

“Breweries are donating the proceeds from the Black is Beautiful beer to organizations that make a difference in their communities. By donating beer bottles to breweries, O-I can eliminate another upfront cost and help our friends in beer focus on brewing and delivering the beer to their fans,” says Lorena Alencar Proenca, Sales Director North America Beer at O-I Glass.

O-I Glass has reserved a set amount of 12 oz. and 500ml glass bottles for breweries to package their Black is Beautiful beer. O-I is also working with breweries who have alternative fill line needs and encourages breweries who need packaging to reach out to Ben McHugh at and 567-702-1913.

O-I Glass is the leading glass packaging manufacturer for food and beverage makers around the world. We have been making glass bottles and jars for more than a century. We love glass because its natural composition makes it infinitely recyclable and the perfect material for a healthy environment and a low-waste circular economy.