Blog Stories – April 26, 2021 – Jess Baker

Pelican Brewing: Born at the Beach (VIDEO)

For more than two decades, Pelican Brewing has been cultivating memories by bringing people together through craft beer. The Pacific Ocean sets a timeless backdrop for this Oregon-based brewery that celebrates its milestone 25th birthday this year.

Pelican Brewing was born at the beach. It’s one of the few craft breweries that is truly a beachfront brewery. You can see — and smell! — the ocean from the brewpub. You can feel the sand beneath your feet when you grab bottles of Pelican beer to-go from the brewpub to complement a picnic on the beach.

The brewery believes that the beach brings life, adventure, energy and connection. Haystack Rock, a signature in the water you can see from the brewery, is embossed on the neck of the brewery’s glass bottles. The signature bottle reconnects people to the beach, even when they’re enjoying the beer at home. Pelican likes to think of it as a virtual vacation!

The Pelican experience is one visitors remember. Watch the video to get a taste for yourself.