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Sustainalytics Recognizes O-I as a Top-Rated ESG Performer

Randy Burns
 | Vice President, Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer, O-I Glass

Our diligent work building a sustainable future is being recognized by a global ESG rating agency. Sustainalytics is recognizing O-I Glass as a 2021 Regional Top-Rated Performer. The ESG rating agency analyzes the Environmental, Social and Governance performance of more than 4,000 companies across its network.

In 2021, we refreshed our sustainability strategy to better represent our ambitious sustainability goals. Our goals are purposefully ambitious because that’s what drives innovation and transformation. At O-I, we love glass for its sustainability credentials – it’s 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable. But we also recognize being sustainable is about more than what we make – it’s about how we make it.

To enable our teams to progress toward the goals, we elevated sustainability to c-suite and built a network across our global footprint to further coordinate our sustainability vision. Our number 1 priority is to lower-carbon glass manufacturing, and we are doing that by creating efficiencies in our melting and refining processes through gas-oxy furnaces, innovative reuse of furnace waste heat, and more efficient electrically powered equipment.

We are committed to increasing recycled content – even getting creative to keep recycled glass in the manufacturing stream and out of landfills. In late-2021, we launched our first Glass4Good programs in two U.S. plants; the programs entice communities to recycle their glass with the added incentive of a donation from the O-I Charities Foundation to community programs. We actively work with partners and customers alike to support community recycling programs, like Pittsburgh’s pop-up glass recycling program to a summer recycling program with Corona and the Glass Recycling Foundation at Chicago-area bars.

Our 2021 Sustainability Report shows the progress we’re making and outlines our roadmap and goals. An executive summary version is also available. Join us as we continue our transformation in 2022.

Randy Burns
Randy Burns
Vice President, Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer, O-I Glass
Randy Burns has spent his career using the power of ideas and creativity to communicate, negotiate, write, persuade, influence (and yes even litigate) a path through the constraints of today to unlock what’s needed for tomorrow.
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