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Meet Our Executive Team

Andres Lopez

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Andres Lopez’s focus is to enhance the performance of the business to benefit customers, employees, investors and other key stakeholders. Lopez has established himself as a strong and successful leader, serving as chief operating officer during 2015 and playing a leading role on the acquisition of Vitro’s Food and Beverage business in Mexico, the U.S. and Bolivia. He has also served as president of O-I Americas, with a focus on strengthening O-I’s North America operations. Prior to that role, he served as president of O-I’s South America operations, where he led the region through significant organic and acquisition-based growth, adding new capabilities in Brazil and Argentina. Lopez has held various other leadership positions at O-I, including global vice president of manufacturing and engineering; vice president of manufacturing, North America; and country general manager for O-I Peru.

John Haudrich

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Focused on O-I’s strategy, execution, performance management and financial decision making, John Haudrich leads O-I’s financial, information technology, and strategy and integration functions. He has leadership responsibility for maintaining the financial flexibility of the company while also ensuring the company’s strategic initiatives and capital allocation philosophy deliver appropriate shareholder value. Haudrich was named CFO in April 2019. Since joining O-I in 2009, Haudrich has also served as chief strategy and integration officer, vice president of investor relations, vice president of finance and corporate controller, and as acting CFO.

Darrow A. Abrahams

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Darrow Abrahams leads O-I’s global legal team and is responsible for overseeing all legal matters for the Company.  He also serves as corporate secretary and has responsibility for O-I’s Ethics and Compliance function.
Abrahams joined O-I in November 2012 after working as an attorney in Chicago for several years, where he primarily focused on litigation and dispute resolution. He was appointed to his current position in September 2020 after serving as the Company’s Deputy General Counsel.

Arnaud Aujouannet

Senior Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Arnaud Aujouannet leads sales and marketing for O-I. He is focused on enhancing commercial productivity and ensuring delivery of customer value through product innovation, market knowledge, and customer support. He and his team are focused on stabilizing the company’s base business, developing new business, and accelerating the deployment of innovation. Aujouannet joined O-I in June 2015, and served as vice president of sales and marketing in Europe, before being named to his current position in 2017. He has more than 20 years of international and leadership experience within sales, marketing and innovation at companies such as Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Gillette.

Giancarlo Currarino

Senior Vice President, Chief Technical Operations Officer

Giancarlo Currarino leads O-I’s global technology organization which includes manufacturing, engineering, research and development, quality, and environment, health and safety. Currarino is focused on driving a safety culture and improving operational excellence to help O-I become the most cost-effective glass packaging producer. He is also responsible for driving transformational change through efficiency improvement and cost optimization initiatives.
Since joining O-I in 2000, Currarino has managed multiple local, regional and global manufacturing & engineering teams until becoming part of the company’s Global Leadership Team. In addition to his global functional accountabilities, Currarino managed the expansion of O-I’s joint venture with Constellation Brands, Industria Vidriera de Coahuila (IVC) in Nava, Mexico, and a $2.15 billion acquisition to O-I, which included five plants in Mexico.

James Dalton

Vice President, People and Culture

James Dalton oversees people and culture for O-I’s corporate functions. He is focused on building and nurturing talent in O-I’s functional areas and centers of expertise, supporting the company’s business operations. To this extent, he is driving functional competency and excellence as a key competitive advantage to the company’s success.
Dalton began his career with O-I in May 2017. He previously spent 17 years with the Kellogg Company, where he progressed through a variety of HR leadership roles around the world, including Australia and New Zealand Supply HR leader, U.S. Frozen Foods HR leader, and HR and Labor leader for U.S. Supply Chain.

Pablo Vercelli

Vice President, People and Culture

Pablo Vercelli oversees people and culture for O-I’s business operations. He is focused on driving business performance and productivity through talent acquisition, training and development programs, as well as fostering a culture of sustainable employee engagement supported by competitive total rewards.
Vercelli joined the company in May 2017, bringing extensive international experience with global firms such as PPG industries, AkzoNobel and ASML, where he held senior leadership roles in the human resources and commercial functions.

Vitaliano Torno

President, Business Operations and O-I Europe

Vitaliano Torno leads O-I’s day-to-day operations. In line with the strategic vision of the company, leveraging O-I’s global scale and capabilities, and driving collaboration and knowledge-sharing, he is responsible for delivering business performance across the company’s global operations.
A 30-year veteran of the glass industry, Torno was appointed to his current position in July 2020. Prior to that he was named managing director of O-I Europe in early 2015 before being appointed president of O-I Europe in January 2016. His extensive experience and insight into the glass business position him to establish strong connections with the company’s country group organizations.

Randolph Burns

Vice President, Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer

Randolph Burns leads O-I’s sustainability and social responsibility, government and public affairs strategy. His team is focused on advocating for glass packaging and elevating the sustainability profile of O-I and its products.
Burns was appointed to this role in May of 2020. Previously he served as Vice President of Global Government Affairs and held senior roles in the legal department. Before joining O-I as an employee in 2017, Burns served O-I as outside counsel for 20 years and has more than 25 years of experience working at the intersection of advocacy, law, and policy.

Timothy Connors

Managing Director, Americas North

Timothy Connors oversees O-I’s operations in the Americas North region, which includes 18 plants in the United States and Canada along with OIPS, a key business segment serving small and emerging customers. Connors leads the integration of commercial, operations and supply chain strategic capabilities.
In his more than 20 year career at O-I, Connors has served in a variety of finance, manufacturing and business strategy leadership roles in North America and Asia Pacific. Prior to being named general manager, O-I Americas North, Connors was president of O-I’s Asia Pacific operations. He previously served as the general manager of O-I’s Australian operations.

Ludovic Valette

Vice President, Technology and Engineering

Ludovic Valette leads O-I’s technology and engineering, key areas critical to the company’s performance and transformation. His leadership is integral in elevating and accelerating innovation at O-I and its influence in shaping the Company’s future strategy and priorities.  
Valette is responsible for the worldwide development, integration and deployment of all process and product technology. He leads Research and Development, Engineering, and Technology Strategy and Integration. Valette’s role also includes technology licensing and technical assistance to O-I’s licensees and joint ventures.  
Prior to joining O-I in 2013, Valette served as the R&D Director of the global Dow Epoxy business for The Dow Chemical Company. While at Dow he held various leadership positions where he worked on three continents and managed multi-cultural teams across Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and India.

Eduardo Restrepo

Vice President, Manufacturing Operations

Eduardo Restrepo leads all manufacturing operations as well as our Total System Cost efforts across the enterprise. He is responsible for driving manufacturing performance which includes Environment Health and Safety, Quality, Productivity and Cost. Restrepo has extensive experience within the company. After joining in 2004, he has held various leadership positions in Colombia, Ecuador and the United States. Prior to his current role, Restrepo served as Vice President of Global Supply Chain and Vice President of Strategy and Integration for Latin America as well General Manager and numerous roles within Manufacturing including Plant Manager.