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As part of O-I Glass, Inc. Mexico, our Raw Materials Processing Plants (PROMAPI) are dedicated to the recovery and recycling of glass bottles and jars throughout the country. Through a semi-automatic process, we decontaminate, wash and crush recycled glass containers. As a result, we obtain cullet (recycled glass mixed with the natural ingredients of silica sand, soda ash and limestone) to supply O-I’s glass bottle and jar plants in Mexico.


Would you like to recycle your glass bottles and jars? Find the PROMAPI location closest to you.

Planta Promapi CDMX
Carretera Federal México-Texcoco Km 21.5, Los Reyes, 56500 Los Reyes Acaquilpan, Méx., Mexico
Planta Promapi Monterrey
Camino al Milagro 115, El Milagro, Apodaca, NL, Mexico
Planta Promapi Guadalajara
Calle Libra 225, Juan Manuel Vallarta, 45120 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico
Planta Promapi Queretaro
Obrera 76130 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro. Mexico

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