Zero Injuries

As part of our journey toward zero injuries, we are committed to a 50% improvement of our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) by 2030.

Our Health & Safety Vision

At O-I, we “Make What Matters” — and we do it safely. Safety is an O-I core value, and we believe everyone should finish each and every day injury and incident free. Driving toward our zero-injury ambitions, we have set a goal to improve our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) 50% by 2030 and an interim goal of a 35% improvement in O-I’s three-year rolling average TRIR by 2025. We drive our ambitions with a global Environment, Health and Safety (“EHS”) function that sets and oversees EHS policies, procedures, and metrics. This section details our Health and Safety practices.

Our EHS mission is to empower our people and engage our communities to achieve zero incidents. The Global EHS team is charged with providing leadership in support of the team’s vision and mission. Through leading practices, we implement global, sustainable, innovative, and collaborative solutions. We enable learning, recognize achievements, and continuously improve.

O-I Golden Rules
O-I created six Golden Rules, and an easy-to-read graphic illustration, to provide clear, simple, and consistent risk-avoidance guidelines for everyone—regardless of their role at O-I. We created the Golden Rules to prevent fatalities, serious injuries, environmental events, and to ensure effective risk management. And they serve as the foundation for all of our training programs, job hazard analyses, and safe operating procedures.
Walks & Talks Program
Since its inception in 2013, the EHS Walks & Talks program has engaged employees at all levels of the company to initiate impromptu safety discussions in a specific work area or department. As part of these discussions, employees can raise concerns and help resolve issues. We have now introduced Walks & Talks into each of our country groups. In 2020, we were able to perform 49,425 Walks & Talks throughout all our country groups.
Key Metrics
To ensure forward momentum toward a zero-incident workplace, O-I has defined key metrics to track performance. In addition to tracking Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), we have implemented added metrics: Near Misses, Serious Incident Potential (SI-P), and Serious Incident Actual (SI-A). These metrics consider the severity of incidents. Tracking these “leading indicators” rather than “lagging indicators” has allowed O-I to gain a better understanding of EHS risk and stop an incident before it happens.
EHS Business Plans
Our EHS ambitions are guided by EHS Business Plans (EHSBPs). Each year, the Global EHS leaders and plant-level EHS leaders collaborate to identify key priorities to reduce EHS risks and incidents. The global team sets several initiatives to be carried out company-wide. Each plant is required to expand on the global goals and tailor initiatives to its EHS focus areas. We have found there is generally a correlation between those plants that meet their EHSBP requirements and a reduction of injuries.
Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene
As part of O-I’s commitment to health and safety, we offer Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene programs to proactively protect our people, not only from injury but from long-term health risks. The Director of Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Affairs conducts global audits, facilitates standard implementation, and collaborates with other EHS leaders to develop global fundamentals guiding maintenance of employee health. Our programs generally include medical surveillance, hearing conservation, and chemical management.