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Top 5 Reasons Glass Bottles Are the Best Packaging for Wine

Kelsey Lambers
 | Content Strategist, O-I Glass

You’re standing in the store trying to grab a bottle of wine (or two) for a dinner with friends tonight. As you stand there, you notice wine in other packaging options – some claiming to be more convenient or more sustainable than the glass bottle.  

Before you head to the wine aisle next, here are some the reasons glass bottles have endured the test of time. 

Glass is Infinitely Recyclable

Glass is the kindest packaging choice for our planet – it’s 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without a loss in quality. About 80% of the glass that is recycled is used to make new glass bottles and jars – in as little as 30 days. For those bottles that end up in the landfill? Glass is inert, and will naturally decompose back into the earth without leaching chemicals into the ground. The same can’t be said for any other packaging material. 

blue bin takes glass for recycling
‘Recycle for Pennsylvania’ aims to make glass recycling easy. (Courtesy: Prism)

Wine Tastes Best in Glass 

When taste counts, glass wins. Glass is odorless and flavorless, made of pure and natural ingredients from the earth. It preserves the taste as the winery intended. 

Glass bottles allow wine to age, sometimes for years, while wine in other packaging has a shelf life much shorter, according to usualwines.com. Wine gets better with age – it becomes more elegant and more enjoyable, according to WineLoverMagazine

Want Wine Where Glass Can’t Go? It’s Never Been Easier 

If you’re wanting to take wine to a tailgate, a picnic or the beach where having alcohol is allowed but glass is prohibited, there are convenient ways to take your premium, bottled wine to-go. If you want to take an entire bottle, try a stainless steel cantine that can store an entire bottle. 

If you’re looking to take a smaller portion, Yeti offers 10-oz wine tumblers to “go where glass can’t.”

Glass is the Best Packaging for Your Health 

Are you drawn to new low- to no-sugar or non-alcoholic wines, intrigued by the “better for you” beverages choices? Glass is the packaging option that you can feel good about too. It’s made from pure, natural ingredients — sand, limestone, soda ash, recycled glass. It’s impermeable and transparent – and there’s no plastic liner between you and your Rosé. 

Bottle Design Tells a Story

The wine you serve isn’t just about the wine inside – pick a bottle that is a work of art, has a fun label or is sleek and modern. The bottle can be a centerpiece or talking point for your gathering. 

Having a party? A bottle like the Crocodile Dandy Rose is a unique, modern design that appeals to young wine lovers. It’s the perfect invitation to a chic party and is a perfect centerpiece. 

Crocodile Dandy
Joseph Castan’s Crocodile Dandy bottle looks like crocodile skin and is perfect for fine dining or a chic party.

Copains comme poissons by Vignoble des 3 Châteaux is in an eye-catching, colorful bottle that is fun and playful – a perfect invitation for wine lovers to share with friends. 

Vignoble des 3 Châteaux Copains comme poissons
Vignoble des 3 Châteaux Copains comme poissons invites wine lovers to share a bottle with friends.

Other packaging materials may become available or trendy for wine, but there is nothing quite like glass – there’s a reason it’s been the packaging of choice for wine for hundreds of years. It’s made of natural, readily available raw materials. It’s infinitely recyclable. It has endured the test of time for millennia. Glass is a trusted and proven packaging for health, taste and the environment. 

Kelsey Lambers
Kelsey Lambers
Content Strategist, O-I Glass
Kelsey Lambers is a writer and digital content strategist with a background in covering news for newspapers, broadcast, radio, digital and social platforms. She’s a lover of cooking, traveling, discovering new breweries and playing with her two boys.
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