Sustainability in Action

New Recycling Hub Launches in Southern Colombia

Jess Baker
 | Head of Content & Editorial Strategy, O-I Glass

Our new recycling hub in southern Colombia has officially opened. Strategically located in the city of Yumbo, the facility advances our strategy to increase glass recycling and contribute to the circular economy in Colombia.

The hub is operated by our partner supplier, Ecocircular, and joins three existing hubs and direct purchase cullet centers, located in Cundinamarca, Antioquia and Barranquilla. Hubs in these strategic locations put us closer to cullet sources and recyclers.

This is part of the strategy to achieve a higher cullet volume recovered from this region, aligned with our global sustainability goal of increasing recycled content to 50% by 2030. Our teams continue to think creatively about how to keep glass packaging in the manufacturing stream in order to increase the amount of cullet available to our plants. Read more about our vision and goals in our Sustainability Report.

Jess Baker
Jess Baker
Head of Content & Editorial Strategy, O-I Glass
Jess Baker loves to tell a good story. You've seen her work on The Weather Channel,, and She's a runner, a mom, and a die-hard Springsteen fan.
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