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Vision. Innovation. Transformation.
Our vision and journey for a sustainable future is not a blue-sky vision. It is here today.
At O-I, our vision is to be the most innovative, sustainable, and chosen supplier of brand-building packaging solutions. While we believe glass packaging is already the most sustainable packaging solution, sustainability at O-I is about more than what we make. It is also about how we make it. It is about the interconnected ecosystem that involves our suppliers, our customers, our people, and the communities where we operate. It is about achieving balance between our operations and the products we make with the current and future needs of our communities, the planet, and our collective prosperity. At O-I, the journey to this balance —sustainability— is grounded in resilience, innovation, and the ever-present challenge to transform what we do.

Our Sustainability Goals

The goals we have set for our sustainability program directly reflect our vision of ensuring a healthier future for our industry, communities, employees, and the Earth. These targets are our commitment to making a lasting, meaningful impact today and for years to come.

Recycled Content

Increase recycled content to 50% on average by 2030. O-I is taking a tailored approach to increase recycled content rates across its enterprise network as rates vary significantly by geography.


Renewable energy is a pillar in our strategy to lower carbon emissions. Our goal is to reach 40% renewable electricity use by 2030 and to reduce total energy consumption by 9%.

Health & Safety

At O-I, our goal is always zero injuries and illnesses. As we work toward that goal, we are pursuing a 50% improvement of our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) by 2030.

Social Impact

O-I is dedicated to fostering positive change for our people and planet through corporate and employee contributions, while actively involving our global workforce in volunteer activities. We will work alongside our local partners and value chain to realize this goal, which includes supporting glass recycling initiatives across our communities.


Target to reduce GHG emissions 25% by 2030 (interim target of 10% by 2025).

Supply Chain Sustainability

Achieve sustainability balance, together, by aligning our supply chain with our 2030 sustainability vision and goals.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At O-I, we are better when we reflect the diverse world we serve, feel welcome, and have equal access to opportunities. We are focused on increasing all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion across our team.

R&D Transformation

Reinvent and reimagine glass-making so the circularity of glass meets the potential of our MAGMA technologies, low-carbon alternative fuels, and lightweighted glass packaging.


We are focused on reducing our global water usage 25% by 2030, prioritizing operations in higher-risk areas.


We are committed to reducing our global water usage 25% by 2030, prioritizing operations in higher risk areas.

Transforming Sustainable Packaging

O-I Glass is an innovator that’s defined how glass packaging is made for more than a century. We’re a first mover in innovative glass manufacturing. We’re focused on scalable sustainable solutions for today while building marquee innovations for tomorrow.  

Sustainability Report

Download our latest report to see how we’re transforming sustainability in the glass packaging industry.
The Benefits of Glass

Glass bottles and jars are the clear choice for the health of you and your family and the sustainability of the planet.

Improving Glass Recycling

Our ambition is for glass containers to stay in the value chain, rather than end up in landfills or the environment. We’re innovating to build sophisticated, circular ecosystems that drive glass recycling and increase recycled content in our products – but we can’t do it alone.

We do this by:
· Driving collaboration between stakeholders across the value chain
· Exploring partnerships across industries to make use of recyclable materials
· Growing community collection sites along with our Glass4Good program
· Collaborating with associations like the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) and the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI)

Social Impact: Building Sustainable Communities
Advancing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe our company is better when we reflect the diversity of the world we serve. We are focused on increasing all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion across our team.

Building a Culture of Inclusion

We are developing a culture of inclusion that promotes diversity and the value a diverse workforce brings. 

Employee Resource Groups

We have several ERGs operating across our global footprint. These groups of engaged employees seek to create a culture of understanding for the LGBTQ+ community as well as gender, racial, and generational equity. 

Green Bond: Furthering Our Commitment

O-I is the first company in the packaging industry to issue a Green Bond, furthering our commitment to sustainability throughout our global manufacturing operations and glass packaging. Project allocations for our Green Bonds have focused on increasing renewable energy utilization, energy efficiency, R&D transformation, reducing water consumption, increasing circularity, and decreasing raw material use. Based on the volume of cullet allocated to the offering, we conserved approximately: 


tons of CO2 avoided


MWh of energy conserved


tons of raw materials conserved

Supporting Legal and Financial Documents:

Corporate Governance

O-I has implemented corporate governance policies designed to strengthen accountability in the Board of Directors and management teams, thereby enhancing long-term investor value. O-I is respected, nationally and internationally, for the manner in which it has conducted business over the years. Underlying this reputation are the company’s high standards of honesty, integrity and ethics.
These standards are important business and societal assets O-I is determined to maintain. We believe that governance is an important component of a company’s overall performance. As such, the O-I Board of Directors has put in place corporate governance guidelines, which outline the roles and responsibilities of the Board.
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