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VIDEO: A Beautiful Spiced Rum Bottle — for the Eye and the Earth

Jacobite Spirits is a small craft spiced rum distillery in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland. Founded by a group of friends, Jacobite is as passionate about sustainability as it is about the rum it produces. They call themselves “quite picky” about sourcing everything sustainably, from ingredients to packaging.

As Jacobite prepared to launch Charlie’s Chopper Clean Cut spiced rum, the team knew it wanted a glass bottle that checked all the boxes: stand out on the shelf and stand out for sustainability. They turned to the O-I Glass team at Alloa, not far from the distillery.

“We were trying to find a bottle supplier who understood the importance of sustainability that matched our commitment to reducing our waste,” says Tony Stapleton, Jacobite Spirits Director and Founder. He says they found it in O-I.

Jacobite collaborated with O-I to launch the new rum in a bottle from O-I’s Contemporary Collection, a new spirits glass packaging line that proves packaging can be both premium and sustainable. In a new video, Stapleton shares how the glass bottle is exactly what the small distillery was looking to help tell its brand story and support its sustainability journey.

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Jess Baker