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Colcafé, O-I Partner to Bring Sustainability Message to Life on Instagram

Colcafé is a leading coffee brand in Colombia. It’s been innovating with different in and out promotionals for years. As more and more consumers show they want products that are environmentally friendly, Colcafé and O-I have been working side-by-side to create marketing campaigns that resonate with shoppers and connect to the sustainability of glass packaging. 

Colcafé’s Popular Glass Jar

You could say the Colcafé glass jar is as popular as the coffee it holds. The coffee comes packaged and decorated in an O-I glass jar from our Soacha plant. 

The glass jar is round with a wide neck and it’s long been popular with consumers; they collect the jars to reuse them around the house to hold things like dry foods or change.  

“It’s an iconic jar,” says Laura Mejia, O-I Andean Marketing Coordinator of NAB & Coffee. She’s part of O-I’s Colombian marketing team who works shoulder-to-shoulder with Colcafé. 

Instagram Campaign Focuses on Sustainability

This year, Colcafé wanted to build an Instagram campaign focusing on glass benefits. The coffee makers and O-I worked together to create messages that reinforce glass’s sustainable nature, like its 100% recyclability and that using recycled glass to create new glass uses less energy. The ability to reuse the glass jar around the house is another main theme the O-I team helps the coffee brand bring to life.  

“It’s about how to reuse the jars. It’s about how to give the jars a second life,” Mejia says. 

The teams created short social videos that promote the “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” message for the Instagram campaign. The videos show people imaginative ways to reuse the jars, like for prepping salads and creating home sewing kits.  

One of the team’s personal favorites is a spring 2019 campaign that showed people how to turn the coffee jars into piggybanks. The campaign included specially-designed jar labels people could write on to show what they were saving for (like a vacation). 

Colcafé’s Instagram campaigns demonstrate how O-I teams are building positive partnerships. The relationships not only benefit the customer’s brand but also help O-I spread the positive message around glass benefits to a wider audience. 

Katie Johnson
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