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Glass Benefits Highlighted in Wall Street Journal

On Monday, February 24, the Wall Street Journal published an article “Glass, Once the King of Packaging, Seeks a Comeback,” spotlighting the environmental concerns around plastic and the opportunities for glass as an alternative packaging solution. Highlighting the opportunity for glassmakers to expand and win back business, due to the consumer shift away from single-use plastic packaging, the article describes current actions the glass industry is taking to educate consumer-good companies and consumers about the true sustainability of glass.

O-I’s CEO, Andres Lopez and Vice President of Global Government Affairs and Legal Legacy Strategy, Randy Burns are both quoted in the article as well as mentions of O-I’s expansion in Gironcourt and support of pop-up recycling events around the country.

“It’s hard for us to ignore the images borne into our minds of trillions of plastic packages floating around the Pacific Ocean,” Andres Lopez, chief executive of O-I Glass, Inc. told investors last year. “Glass represents a wonderful alternative.”

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Katie Johnson
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