O-I Celebrates International Year of Glass with Untappd Badge for Beer Lovers

This year, we’re celebrating the International Year of Glass, and what better way to do it than with the resounding clink of glass beer bottles around the world? O-I Glass is encouraging beer lovers to join the celebration by releasing a new “2022: International Year of Glass” Untappd badge.

Untappd is a global mobile app. Beer lovers around the world “check in” to the beers they drink, earning badges (and bragging rights) tied to the beers they love. The International Year of Glass Untappd badge can be earned by users who log three beers in a bottle serving style.

When craft beer lovers choose a beer, they do it for flavor, aroma, and experience. Glass packaging elevates all those points and more by preserving flavor and aroma, keeping drinks cool, and creating a resonant sound that’s perfect for toasting.

This is the second time O-I has partnered with Untappd. In fall 2020, we created the “Bottles Up!” Untappd badge to share glass benefit messages with beer lovers around the world.

Glass isn’t only the perfect choice for beer lovers who care about the integrity of their drink. It’s ideal for anyone who cares about sustainability and accountability for how we treat our planet. Simply made with four ingredients — silica sand, limestone, soda ash and recycled glass — glass bottles don’t leave anything behind in the liquids they contain, and they don’t leave anything behind on the planet when they’re recycled. In fact, they can be recycled over and over, going from the curbside bin back to the store as a new glass bottle in as little as 30 days.

For all these health, flavor and sustainability benefits, and to honor the valuable role of glass in society, the United Nations General Assembly formally approved a resolution declaring the year 2022 as the International Year of Glass (IYOG). O-I’s new International Year of Glass Untappd badge is a celebration of all the ways glass keeps beer at its best. Because when it comes to celebrating life’s great moments, both large and small, glass is the clear choice.

Anna Mitchell
Anna Mitchell
Anna Mitchell is a freelance digital journalist with a decade of specializing in telling stories about the planet, its people and its creatures. You’ve seen her work in publications including Weather.com, TreeHugger.com, and Adventure Cats (her pet project, pun intended). Her first love is photography.
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