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O-I Showed Its Sustainable Side In The Juice Market

The International Fruit and Vegetable Juice Association (IFU) held its annual Convention where they discussed different issues that affect the juice industry, including the sustainability of their packaging.

Every day, customers and consumers of the food and beverage industries are more demanding in terms of sustainable packaging production, and at O-I, we are aware of this, that’s why being present at this event was key. Ernesto Martinez Kandt, Manager of Market Intelligence at O-I México, explained the advantages of glass for the packaging of fruit and vegetable juices during the ‘What is the most sustainable packaging for our products?’ panel.

“By its nature, glass is the material with the greatest sustainable advantage. Unlike other materials, you can recycle, reuse and return glass,” said Martinez. “It’s important for us to participate in these type of events where we can present arguments that benefit the use of glass and it’s benefits towards the environment to our clients and customers.”

The Convention took place from May 27 through May 30 in Cancún, Quintana Roo. Local and global juice manufacturers, suppliers, members of the association and executives from different companies related to these drinks participated as well.

IFU Mexico O-I
Katie Johnson
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