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O-I Waco Recognized for Energy Efficiency & Community Support

Jess Baker
 | Head of Content & Editorial Strategy, O-I Glass

O-I’s Waco, Texas, plant has received recognition for its active commitment to energy efficiency and its ability to help provide energy to its community when demand is high.

Enel X is one of the largest energy demand response suppliers in the United States. O-I Waco has been named Enel X Texas MVP for the plant’s contribution to supporting a stronger, more resilient, more sustainable energy grid through the supplier’s energy demand response program.

The program leans on manufacturing partners to commit to reducing their energy use in order to divert energy to the community when needed. O-I’s Waco plant developed a specific demand response standard operation procedure (SOP) and followed through to train employees to implement it.

“Making large energy consumption reductions is not always an easy task given the short notice prior to the required response timeframe,” says Jesse Mangus, O-I Waco plant engineer. “We are very excited to see that Waco has been recognized.”

Mangus says the Waco plant has been called upon to reduce demand from time to time, and it’s become “a seamless process” for the experienced team.

Waco is one of six O-I plants in the U.S. to work with Enel X as part of the program to reduce energy and divert it to communities when needed.

O-I’s vision is to be the most innovative, sustainable and chosen supplier of brand-building packaging solutions. Our approach to sustainability is about more than what we make – it’s how we make it. O-I’s participation and recognition in the Enel X energy response program is one way we demonstrate our commitment to helping our communities through sustainable technology and practices.

Jess Baker
Jess Baker
Head of Content & Editorial Strategy, O-I Glass
Jess Baker loves to tell a good story. You've seen her work on The Weather Channel, weather.com, and Craftbeer.com. She's a runner, a mom, and a die-hard Springsteen fan.
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