Providing Our People Flexibility to Work Where They Work Best

Pablo Vercelli
 | Vice President, Global People & Culture, O-I Glass

Work is changing. How people want to work, where people want to work, and where we see them performing best is changing. That’s why O-I introduced “Connected Work.” It’s a hybrid work concept for our salaried employees that emphasizes remote work most days while encouraging our teams to go into the office when they need face-to-face time to collaborate.

Up until 2019, most people would have been highly skeptical if a corporate culture that leans into remote work could deliver high-performance. But after adopting a remote work model in spring 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, we witnessed positive transformation in our company and culture in ways we didn’t anticipate. Connectivity increased. Our teams simplified processes which made us more efficient. As a global company operating in more than 15 languages in at least 20 countries, we greatly appreciated how remote work eliminated geographic demarcations in a way we never experienced while being in a traditional office.

The uncertainty of the last two years has been difficult for everyone to navigate, personally and professionally. At the same time, we witnessed how remote work enabled O-I Glass to consistently deliver on our commitments. Productivity was up, performance was improving, and, perhaps most importantly, employees were more engaged.

O-I was founded in 1903 and our longevity is proof that we know how to transform and innovate to support a sustainable organization that creates value for our customers, our stakeholders, and our employees.

Organizations must move past traditional systems based on old rules. We want to preserve and enhance the ways of working that propelled our success the last two years. Our teams have delivered while working remotely and they tell us that’s how they want to work, so we are embracing it, even as other companies are calling employees back to traditional offices. We’re convinced that our company’s performance is powered by our people. Providing our employees flexibility to work where a job is done best is the natural next step in O-I’s transformation based on the innovative spirit we’ve embodied for more than a century. Come join us.

Pablo Vercelli
Pablo Vercelli
Vice President, Global People & Culture, O-I Glass
Pablo Vercelli joined O-I in 2017 and is passionate about driving business performance through fostering a sustainable employee culture. He has extensive international experience with global firms such as PPG industries, AkzoNobel and ASML, where he held senior leadership roles in the human resources and commercial functions.
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