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A Career of ‘Firsts’ for Andrea Cáceres, O-I’s ‘Women MAKE America’ Award Honoree

Andrea Cáceres has a long list of firsts accomplished in her career with O-I. Andrea is our Plant Manager in Lurin, Peru. When she stepped into the role, she also became the first O-I plant manager. But that wasn’t her first “first.” Before becoming plant manager, she was the first female engineer to hold several leadership roles on the production line in Peru, and in the Andean region.

“When I started at O-I Peru,” she said, “there was one woman and me, and we were both trainees. Ten years later, in my team at the Lurin plant, we have 50 women working in manufacturing. Today we have women in continuous improvement, logistics quality, safety, machine shop, integrated systems, personnel, and more. I think in the end, being part of all that cultural change is something I am very proud of.”

On March 1, 2023, the Manufacturing Institute—the workforce development and education partner of the National Association of Manufacturers—recognized Andrea as a 2023 Women MAKE Awards Honoree Leader. The Women MAKE Awards, formerly the Step Ahead awards, recognize women in science, technology, engineering, and production careers who exemplify leadership within their companies.

“As a 2023 Women MAKE Awards Honoree Leader, I am honored to represent women in manufacturing from OI,” she says. “And I am proud to support our current and future female workforce.”

Her dedication to supporting the next generation of women in her industry is well known. With Andrea’s guidance and support, one of her mentees—a female mechanical engineer who joined the plant as a trainee—has become the second woman at O-I, Peru, to hold the line leader position. Andrea is also working closely with a mentee in marketing to uphold O-I’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by bringing forth ideas on addressing conscious and unconscious bias. In addition, she helps interns develop the skills they need to grow and lead in the future. 

Making a Difference Professionally and in the Community

As plant manager of O-I’s Lurin facility, Andrea  says she has received tremendous support over the years from several employees who had experience and longevity in manufacturing and were happy to offer guidance. “As I was studying to be an engineer, I knew I wanted to work in a manufacturing plant,” she says. “I always learn from the people I work with and I am always listening to their ideas.”

Within her community, Andrea is known for making a difference. For example, when local students needed technology to learn from home during the pandemic, she coordinated the Lurin plant’s donations of tablets and laptops. Deeply committed to sustainability, Andrea and her plant team have also organized activities to promote recycling and educate the public on living more sustainably. In 2022, under Andrea’s leadership, the Lurin plant began taking active steps to help O-I achieve its vision of becoming a zero-waste organization. 

“I am honored to be recognized for my work,” says Andrea. “I want to support and inspire the women and men I work with and be an example to younger women just starting their careers in manufacturing. The recognition this award offers me is a wonderful example I can use with the people I mentor in my plant and in my community.”

Allen Mireles
Allen Mireles
Allen Mireles is a wordsmith based in New England with an abiding passion for sustainability and helping build a safer and cleaner planet. An experienced writer, she has deep experience in both traditional and digital marketing and public relations and has written for a broad range of industries and media. As an avid gardener and camper, Allen loves nothing more than being outside appreciating our natural world.
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