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We transform sand into extraordinary glass, matter into identity, products into brands, ordinary moments into events. We multiply the impact of your efforts, creating glass bottles that outperform any competition on the shelf because they personify the essence of your brands and categories.

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O-I’s Technical Licensing department gives potential licensees the opportunity to tap into the endless incentives, programs, technology, Intellectual Property and expertise of O-I that makes us the world’s largest glass container manufacturer. Our program offers tiered levels based on the amount of resources a licensee is looking for. Additional resources can always be added at any time during the license agreement term. If you are interested in learning more about O-I’s licensing program click the button below.

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Design Book

Be inspired by our global design book, celebrating glass design and glass designers, unheralded artists who bring the beauty and unmatched functionality of our product to life.

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We have a wide selection of standard products designed specifically for beer, wine, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, food, and drug and chemical products to meet all of your glass packaging needs.

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Differentiating through bottle shape and color is only the beginning. Glass offers many options to further customize and capture your brand’s emotions through late-stage differentiation.

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A total package solution that disrupts the shelf and meets consumers’ preferred consumption experience. The larger finish unlocks aroma, heightens freshness, flavor, and improves mouthfeel, resulting in an enhanced sensory experience.


Glass Benefits

Glass allows us to transcend reality and to experience all aspects of our nature. Glass genuinely makes us strong & delicate, elegant & simple, modern & authentic, beautiful & distant, honest & intriguing, pure & seductive, extraordinary yet inevitable.

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Proven Success

From sipping a cold lemonade at an Italian cafe to dipping into a pot of silky yogurt, the glass packaging we provide our customers translates products into brands while transforming ordinary moments into events.

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Market Trends

Consumers prefer products that fit their lifestyle and values. Anchor your next product idea into a market trend and develop packaging that tells the story in a compelling way.

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Inside the O-I Glass Making Process

Glass packaging is pure, made from natural elements. Out of fire and sand, iconic, brand-building O-I glass containers take shape. We create our glass packaging using the highest quality standards and expertise developed throughout our rich history of innovation and passion for glass.

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